Activity Director October Newsletter

October 2013 Newsletter

Bucket of Games: Part II

In continuation of our very popular Bucket of Games: Part I…we present Bucket of Games: Part II. This course gives a comprehensive overview to five different activity types including physical, cognitive, sensory stimulation, reminiscing, fundraisers, and adaptations. Basically, everything that you missed from Part I is included here, in great detail, and still in an easy to print format. This course is everything you need to revamp your activity calendar.

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Have bored residents just staring off into space? Triggering a pleasant memory of cherished past times can really brighten one's spirit and mood. Have you ever dug through an old box and come across an item that means absolutely nothing to the person your digging through the box with, but means the world to you and reminds you of an event in your past that brings a smile to your face? That's exactly what it is like to watch these "scenic relaxation" videos by HUG Video. It creates great conversation and positive stimulation for anyone. Add them to your activity library and I promise you won't regret it.


Christmas Sing-Along Bingo Game features:

  • A compact disk with 30-35 second excerpts of 54 holiday favorites, specially selected to be easily recognized.
  • 24 different 8-1/2” by 11” bingo game cards, with 16 large-print song titles on each card. Also available is an additional set of 12 completely different cards
  • 2 Laminated lists of the 54 songs on the CD for rapid check-off when a song has been played
  • One dry-erase pen for marking the laminated song list
  • Game instructions and adaptations

Christmas Sing-Along Bingo is played like Bingo, except the cards have names of holiday songs in the squares of the special cards that are supplied.

  1. Play part of a song on the CD, and everyone sings along.
  2. If the players find the song on the card, they put a chip on the square.
  3. When someone fills in the squares for the game you are playing, they yell out “BINGO”.
  4. Verify the songs and after each game someone wins a prize.
  5. There can be more than one winner per game.

Around 4 or 5 games can be played in an hour or so. Several different games have been suggested in the game instructions to make it more fun.

Price: $32.95
Product Code: DC_XmasBingo

These colorful rhythm sticks help build motor and auditory patterning skills, plus a sense of rhythm and fun!

  • set of 4

Price: $6.00
Product Code: BBC_rhythmsticks


Now there's a way to reach seniors in a positive, enjoyable and mind stretching way that benefits both the seniors, their caregivers, and the activities director alike. Spin & Tell does just that and as you'll discover, a whole lot more. No specialized training is required...only a positive, can do attitude. Through a series of interactive challenges, Spin & Tell provides systematic development of the brain body pathways, improving focus, cognitive awareness, memory, alertness, reaction time, spacial skills, attention to detail, listening skills and self esteem. Using neurobics, this book provides exercise for the mind, stretching our present capabilities to deal with present day challenges. As you will also discover, from the very beginning, Spin & Tell is a natural socialization tool and is great in groups or with individuals. It also makes a great gift to seniors and their families. It's a fun way for seniors to learn about their grandchildren and for the grandchildren to learn about their grandparents.

As you enjoy this mind strengthening tool and attempt the challenges contained within it, you are enhancing and improving your mind/body connection and creating new pathways.

  • 22-Pages, Hard Bound
  • Laminated Pages (Spiral Bound)
  • Spinner (Inside Cover)
  • Streamer (Inside Back Cover)

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Price: $24.95
Product Code: BBC_spintell

Steps to Better Balance & Fall Prevention

At Home DVD CEU Workshops are delivered directly to you with instructions on how to complete your workshop.

CEUs: 8
NCCAP #: 30352-11
Description: The Steps to Better Balance & Fall Prevention (SBBFP) training module is designed for the Activity Professional (AP) interested in empowering those he or she serves to higher levels of functional fitness, thereby improving physical balance and reducing fall rates within his or her facility. With the SBBFP training module you will come to understand what muscles are most important when it comes to physical balance, what areas are most critical in terms of flexibility and much more. What you will receive when you purchase SBBFP is a 70-page training manual and 6 audio-visual DVDs. These 6 DVDs contain concise expert advice that is to-the-point in terms of how you can make a difference for those you serve. The following is a brief outline of the topic information on the DVDs:

1. Training Overview: What you can expect and how to most effectively use SBBFP.

2. Balance and Contraindications: Concepts found herein come from evidence-based sources in which research has proven practice leads to improvement. After actively participating, you will be able to help your participants understand the difference between static and dynamic balance, what muscles in the body are most important for balance and how to develop them, what areas are most critical for balance in terms of flexibility, and much more.

3. Safe Seated Strength Options: You will find it necessary to fully interact with this DVD in an effort to see the full picture as you come to better understand the muscles of the body, how they work and how to safely strengthen them. You will see demonstrations using only the force of the body, using hand weights and/or using resistance bands. Best of all, you’ll understand which muscles need particular attention when you’re talking about balance.

4. Easy & Effective Stretching Options: This interactive DVD discusses how flexibility, or lack of it, affects physical balance. It demonstrates simple stretches that are appropriate for almost anyone regardless of physical function. You will walk away knowing why the various stretches are important, and how you can help those you serve to understand “what” they need to do…and “why” they need to do it.

5. Seated Cardio Clips: This interactive DVD discusses how you can make the cardio aspect of your class FUN instead of frightful. You are provided with facts related to heart and lung health for the older adults you serve and get some great tips for making this aspect of your class safe, fun and effective.

6. Mind, Body & Breath: This DVD is an overview of the importance of good balance between these 3 entities and provides the basics related to mind & body (MB) disciplines (e.g. yoga, tai chi and guided relaxation). Just a few of the benefits associated with MB disciplines are maintaining or lowering blood pressure, reducing depression and/or anxiety, improving heart health and sleep patterns and substantially reducing stress.

*COMBO PACK*- This At Home DVD Workshop includes the FITness FUN Pak:

  • Stars & Stripes Fitnesscise
  • Music in Motion
  • Have Fun.. Get Fit
  • Easy Tai Chi
  • Upper Body & Core Strength
  • Lower Body & Core Strength
  • Yoga Stretch

Price: $139.95

“Remember the 60s”
with Wes Yeager


“Remember the 60s” is a game of 1960s trivia designed to both entertain and enhance the memories of senior citizens. The game consists of two CDs each containing nine different categories relating to the cultural trends and historical events of the decade.

Each category consists of four to six questions scored at two points each for a total of 111 answers and 222 points. Some questions are extremely easy, while others are more difficult, making it possible for everyone to score and have fun.

Each category and question has been recorded on a separate track so the Activity Director can use a remote control to stop and keep score, or repeat questions that may not have been heard or understood. (See index provided) This also makes it possible for the Activity Director to delete any category for any reason. (Such as time restraint)

I believe this to be a valuable tool that will both entertain and stimulate memory.

Thanks, - Wes Yeager

Complete Package for "Remembering the Sixties" which includes CD's and Master List is $49.95.

Price: $49.95
Product Code: WY_60s


This is our newest version, with completely different scenes and locations. BEACHES offers the viewer the serenity of surf and waves rolling in, amid sandy beaches, dunes and natural rock formations, as well as a variety of water craft. Natural sounds of surf, sea gulls and waves aide in the relaxation, accompanied by soft music.

Price: $19.95
Product Code: HUG_beaches

This program is of colorful and exotic sea creatures in tropical reef environments. The images depict a hypnotically beautiful mix of marine creatures, such as, tropical fish, corals, colorful swaying anemones, sea horses, jelly fish, shrimps and other fascinating aquatic life. This video is a big hit with kids and adults alike.

Price: $19.95
Product Code: HUG_marine

The Activity Directors Network is proud to present

"The Activity Directors Bible: Policy and Procedure Manual. "

This manual is intended to be utilized by the facility and adapted accordingly.

This 80 page manual is perfect for the Activity Professional to use as a reference when dealing with internal facility situations.

Some of the topics covered in great detail include:

  • Job Description Review (with in depth descriptions of each required task)

  • Guidelines for Resident Council and Quality Assurance

  • MSDS and Related Policies

  • Managing the Activity Budget

  • Resident's Rights

  • Use of Volunteers and Fundraising

  • Pet Policies and Animal Maintenance

  • One-on-One Planning and Programming

  • Calendar Evaluation and Facility Population Assessment

  • Staff Orientation

  • and Much More...

Along with this abundance of information comes multiple forms to be incorporated into your activity program

Price: Normally - $75.00 :ON SALE - $55.00
Product Code: PandP

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