Activity Director October Newsletter

October 2013 Newsletter

Bucket of Games: Part II

In continuation of our very popular Bucket of Games: Part I…we present Bucket of Games: Part II. This course gives a comprehensive overview to five different activity types including physical, cognitive, sensory stimulation, reminiscing, fundraisers, and adaptations. Basically, everything that you missed from Part I is included here, in great detail, and still in an easy to print format. This course is everything you need to revamp your activity calendar.

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MEPAP Training

Q & A

What exactly is the MEPAP and why do you need to know about it?

MEPAP stands for Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals. The MEPAP program is specifically designed to assist Activity Directors in meeting the federal requirements.

What are the federal requirements?

Federal Tag 249 states that the Activity Director must be Qualified to run the Activity Department. However, in order to sign off on departmental paperwork (such as the MDS form, Care Plans, Progress Notes. Etc.) the Activity Director must be Certified.

What is the difference between Qualified and Certified?

A Qualified Activity Director is someone who has successfully taken the MEPAP I course. A Certified Activity Directors is someone who has taken both the MEPAP I and MEPAP II course, as well as fulfilling the other requirements as set forth by NCCAP.

What are NCCAP’s requirements for becoming Certified?

In order to view NCCAP’s requirements click on the link below:

This will take you to the 4 available Tracks. You pick your Track based on your level of education and then follow it all the way through to completion. 

NOTE: Beginning January 1, 2012 NCCAP will be mandating a Certification Exam along with the above components.

How To Enroll

We begin the NCCAP Approved MEPAP I and MEPAP II courses the first Tuesday of every month. The courses are all online and last 16 weeks total. In order to enroll in the next MEPAP course you will need to click on the corresponding link below to retrieve the Student Enrollment Packet. Directions for enrolling are listed in detail on the first page. If you have any questions contact Cheryl at 888.238.0444 for A+ assistance!

MEPAP I Student Enrollment Packet

MEPAP II Student Enrollment Packet