Activity Director October Newsletter

October 2013 Newsletter

Bucket of Games: Part II

In continuation of our very popular Bucket of Games: Part I…we present Bucket of Games: Part II. This course gives a comprehensive overview to five different activity types including physical, cognitive, sensory stimulation, reminiscing, fundraisers, and adaptations. Basically, everything that you missed from Part I is included here, in great detail, and still in an easy to print format. This course is everything you need to revamp your activity calendar.

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CE Workshop SALE!

Just for the Theme of It: Thematic Programming -8 CEsS

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Calendar planning is a fun part of our job, however sometimes it can be difficult to put together a month that “flows” or seems cohesive. Often, Activity Professionals think that planning around a theme can be time consuming and not effective. However, this course will get you thinking in a different way! Theme programming, whether daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly, can help you plan new programs for your residents, get your interdisciplinary team involved with activities, and can even help with your activity participation. This course will offer you the basics on how to implement themes, as well as give you some great ideas to get you started.

Workshop Objectives

  • Understand the role themes already play with our residents
  • Learn how to develop themes for a time frame (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly)
  • Learn how to incorporate your regularly scheduled programming into your theme
  • Find theme ideas to get you started

Therapeutically Enhanced Group Activities -8 CEs         

Regular Price $79.95 SALE PRICE $59.95

This workshop focuses on relevant literature, experiential exercises, and skills that an activity professional would need to “therapeutically enhance” an activity group. This workshop rose out of a concern that older adults in the nursing home were not provided with enough opportunities to grow and develop. It incorporates theories of lifespan development, tenets of life review, existential-person-centered psychology, and basic listening skills. The intent is for activity professionals to use the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they have gained from this workshop to “enhance” their reminiscence-based activity groups.

Workshop Objectives

  • To add value to activity groups by incorporating psychological knowledge and principles, specifically the tenets of life review and person-centered psychology
  • To improve psychosocial functioning
  • To increase life satisfaction in the nursing home
  • To help activity professionals more effectively address topics such as death, meaninglessness, isolation, and despair

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